Happy & Healthy Guarantee

Frond & Folia guarantees that the plant you receive will arrive in happy and healthy condition, and we take extreme care in packaging and shipping to ensure this. We are proud to report that over 99% of our orders to date have been delivered in happy and healthy condition. If you are ordering during the Winter we recommend adding Winter Weather Shipping Insurance to your order if your forecast projects temperature highs to be below 45 degrees on the days surrounding your expected delivery. We always guarantee happy and healthy delivery, but this option adds an additional level of protection specifically against cold weather.  

When taking delivery of your plants, we recommend carefully unpackaging and placing them in indirect light conditions. If the soil is dry, you can water your plant based on its recommended water needs (care instructions will be included). Please keep in mind that we do typically water plants before shipment to ensure they have sufficient moisture during their time in transit. 

If choosing to re-pot your new plant, we suggest waiting at least 2 weeks to allow the plant to rest and acclimate to its new environment. If the plants roots have not yet outgrown its nursery pot, it will be best to leave the plant within this current pot, perhaps using a cache pot or cover pot until re-potting is necessary.

We always guarantee that plants will be received in good health. We just ask that you send us photos of the plant upon delivery if you see anything of concern. We want to make sure to address any concerns as soon as possible to ensure the plant is happy. You AND your plants happiness are very important to us, and we are here to help!