Alocasia 'California'


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Also known as Elephant’s Ear, Alocasia is a genus of the family Araceae with broad-leaved perennial flowering plants that are native to tropical and subtropical Asia and Eastern Australia. These plants sprout their typically large and triangular shaped leaves on tall thin stems from rhizomatous or tubers under the soils surface. Old leaves are shed and new produced quite regularly during the growing season. 

Average Size

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6" Nursery Pot: 18" H x 16" W

Care Guide


Alocasia plants will thrive in very bright indirect or filtered light. Lighting extremes, like dark corners, should be avoided, along with direct or hot afternoon sun, which can burn this plant leaves. This plant will do best placed several feet from a southwestern or southeastern exposure.

Water and Soil

Alocasia are more prone to root rot than traditional elephant ear Alocasia and care should be taken to ensure their soil never becomes wet or soggy or remains moist for too long a period. As with other plants, the appropriate moisture level will be largely dependent on the plant’s environment, namely its sun exposure. During the growing season Alocasia will do best with soil which is allowed to dry out by 20-30% before receiving more water. Watering it often and in smaller amounts will help ensure that the soil becomes moistened, but not wet. During the winter, Alocasia will generally need less water, and we recommend allowing their soil to dry out by about 40-50% in the colder months. Alocasia grow well in a standard, nicely draining potting soil which has been amended with peat moss for absorption and perlite for drainage and aeration.

Temperature and Humidity

Alocasia prefer temperatures between 65 to 80 degrees fahrenheit. Temperatures below 55 can be damaging to this plants foliage, and cold windowsills and areas with a heavy draft should be avoided. Alocasia like moderate to high humidity, and will appreciate an area like a bathroom or kitchen where the air is naturally moister.

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