Alocasia 'Hilo Beauty' | Caladium praetermissum

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While this plant has been widely referred to as an Alocasia since the 80's it's botanical name suggests that it is likely a Caladium. Praetermissum actually means overlooked or forgotten. This alludes to the fact that it was erroneously identified as an Alocasia for so many years. The heart-shaped speckle white and pale yellow leaves of this plant are somewhat like a camouflage pattern.   

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6" Nursery Pot: 12" H x 8" W

Care Guide


This plant thrives in very bright, either filtered or indirect light. Avoid direct sun or the hot afternoon sun of a western exposure as this plants leaves will burn. Dark corners should also be avoided. Several feet from a southwestern or southeastern exposure is best.

Water and Soil

The Hilo Beauty Alocasia likes to be kept evenly moist. You should water it once you see that the top layer of soil is dry. This plant does not like to dry out completely during the growing season so water it often and in smaller amounts so that it does not stay overly wet for long periods of time. During the fall, once this plant sheds some of its leaves watering should be cut back to allow the soil to dry by about 50% between watering.

Soil type is very important to this plant and should be porous yet well draining. A coarse and well-aerated soil that is amended with peat moss and perlite is ideal for this plant.

Temperature and Humidity

This plant prefers temperatures between 60 degrees F and 80 degrees F. Don't let temperatures drop below 55 degrees as this will damage the foliage. Cold window sills or drafty areas should also be avoided. The Hilo Beauty Alocasia plant needs moderate to high humidity levels so be sure to mist it at least a few times per week and consider placing it in a room with higher than average humidity like the kitchen or bathroom.

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