Begonia 'Looking Glass'

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Angel Wing Begonias are part of the plant family Begoniaceae, and they are considered cane begonias. “Cane” refers to their long, thick stems, which look similar to the stems of a bamboo plant. Most growers find cane begonias much easier to grow than other types, such as Begonia Rex. Native to tropical and subtropical climates throughout the world, the Angel Wing Begonia is appreciated for both its foliage and its flowers. Most Angel Wing Begonia’s are spotted, although the size and concentration of these spots varies widely, and spots tend to fade as leaves age. Varieties displaying distinct spots such as ‘Maculata’ are among the most sought after of these plants.

Average Size

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6" Nursery Pot: 15" H x 10" W

Care Guide


Angel Wing Begonias love sun, and these plants prefer medium to bright indirect light. Harsh, direct light should be avoided, as it can burn and fade the foliage of the Angel Wing.

Water and Soil

Angel Wing Begonias like their soil to be kept evenly moist during the growing season, but it will not harm this plant to allow it to dry out a bit between waterings. Make sure the top layer (1-2") of soil is dry before providing more water. A well draining soil can be achieved by amending a standard potting mix with perlite, charcoal, and/or bark.

Temperature and Humidity

Begonias thrive in temperatures around 70 degrees F. Cold drafts and temperatures below 60 degrees F may damage this plants foliage and should be avoided. This plant normally does well in the moderate humidity found in an average home. Higher humidity can be achieved with a humidifer or pebble tray.

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