Blue Star Fern | Phlebodium aureum

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The Blue Star Fern originates in tropic and subtropic regions of South America. These plants are naturally empathetic, clinging to trees and other plants in the wild for support. Their wavy blue-green fronds have a silver sheen, giving them a unique and beautiful color pallet. These fronds protrude from creeping rhizomes that are covered in small fuzzy hairs. Blue Star Ferns are a great choice for a natural humid environment such as a kitchen or bathroom and of course make wonderful additions to an open or closed terrarium.

Average Size

(Including Nursery Pot)

4" Nursery Pot: 7" H x 5" W

Care Guide


To thrive, these ferns need medium or diffused light. Direct sunlight should be avoided.

Water and Soil

Ferns must stay evenly moist at all times. Well draining soil that is amended with peat moss and perlite is best for these plants.

Temperature and Humidity

These ferns typically prefer temperatures ranging from 70 degrees to 80 degrees F. Humidity levels must be high to keep these plants leaves from drying. Mist your plant at least every other day or add a pebble tray if there is not a humidifier present.

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