Mandarin Orange Spider Plant | Chlorophytum amaniense

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The beautiful Mandarin Orange plant is a relative of the traditional spider plant. Its bright orange petioles, or stems, make it an eye-catching plant to add to your collection. This plant is native to the tropical regions of Africa.

Average Size

(Including Nursery Pot)

4" Nursery Pot: 8" H x 8" W

6" Nursery Pot: 12" H x 10" W

Care Guide


The Mandarin plant thrives in medium to bright indirect light. Direct, harsh light should be avoided, as it may burn this plants beautiful leaves.

Water and Soil

The top 1-2" of soil should be allowed to dry between watering. Consistent watering is best, but take care to ensure this plant is never over-watered. Always check the soil to make sure it is at least slightly dry before watering again. A well-draining potting soil that is amended with plenty or perlite, charcoal or bark for drainage, and peat moss or coco coir for absorbency will work well.

Temperature and Humidity

This plant does well in household temperatures between 60 and 80 degrees F. Cold drafts and temperatures below 55 degrees F may damage this plants foliage and should be avoided. While this plant should do well in average to low humidity, it will certainly appreciate and benefit from added humidity. You can provide your plants with extra humidity through a pebble tray, humidifier, or misting.

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