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Clusia guttifera, commonly called small leaf clusia is popular in zone 10b north to 9b as an exterior landscape plant but also makes a wonderful houseplant or patio plant when provided plenty of bright light. Clusia makes a popular hedge shrub because of its dense foliage made up of evergreen oval and teardrop-shaped leaves. This shrub is resistant to drought, hot sun, and salt. It is also an ideal privacy screen because of its low maintenance and fast growing nature.

Average Size

(Including Nursery Pot)

8" Nursery Pot: 24" H x 18" W

Care Guide


Clusia thrives in medium to bright, filtered or indirect light. A few feet away from a South or West facing window where it receives consistent indirect light is best.

Water and Soil

These plants like light and quickly draining sharp soil. A well-draining potting soil that is amended with approximately 30% peat moss and 10% perlite works well. You should allow the top 2" of soil to become dry and the pot to become light in weight between watering. 

Temperature and Humidity

Thrives in temperatures between 65 - 85 degrees F. Cold drafts and temperatures below 55 degrees F may damage this plants foliage and should be avoided. Prefers average household humidity although will appreciate the occasional misting or humidifier. 

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