Croton 'Yellow Petra' | Codiaeum variegatum

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Native to primarily Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia, the Codiaeum variegatum, or croton, has long enjoyed popularity as an indoor houseplant. Croton plants are well loved for their striking, colorful variegation, and thick, leathery leaves. The most well-known varieties are normally a combination of red, yellow and green, producing hues ranging from pink to black. Few plants give off a tropical vibe quite like that of the croton!

Average Size

(Including Nursery Pot)

4" Nursery Pot: 8" H x 8" W

Care Guide


Croton plants need high light to support their colorful variegation. Bright, indirect light is preferable. Low light exposure can cause these plants to lose some of those vibrant colors.

Water and Soil

Croton plants like to dry out just a bit between waterings. Once the top 2” of soil looks and feels dry, your plant is ready for more water. A well draining yet absorbent soil is a must, and this can be achieved by amending a standard potting mix with perlite and peat moss.

Temperature and Humidity

Croton plants prefer temperatures between 65 degrees F and 80 degrees F. Temperatues below 60 degrees may be damaging to a croton plants foliage, and should be avoided. While this plant will do well in the standard humidty found in an average home, it would certainly be appreciative of added humidity.

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