Creeping Charlie | Glechoma hederacea

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Creeping Charlie is native to Europe, and it made its way to the Americas by way of European settlers. This plant is typically implemented as a groundcover, but it has also seen use as a medicinal herb, and it is said to have a minty taste. Creeping Charlie contains Vitamin C, and is a popular herb used in holistic treatments for a wide range of ailments. Because Creeping Charlie is non-toxic, it is also popular for use in reptile terrariums and pet-safe households.

Average Size

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3" Nursery Pot: 5" H x 4" W

4.5" Hanging Basket: 7" H x 8" W

Care Guide


Creeping Charlie is not a picky plant when it comes to light, and it will grow well in most exposures. Medium to bright indirect light is best. Direct, harsh light should be avoided, as it can burn this plants foliage.

Water and Soil

Creeping Charlie should be allowed to dry out slightly between waterings. Check the soils moisture level, and be sure not to give more water unless the top 1-2" of soil are dry. Like most plants, Creeping Charlie is susceptible to overwatering, and care should be taken to ensure the soil never becomes wet or soggy. A well-draining soil is best, and this can be achieved by amending a standard potting mix with perlite or bark for drainage, and peat or coco coir for moisture absorption.

Temperature and Humidity

Creeping Charlie does fine at household temperatures. Do not let temps fall below 55 degrees F, as chills can shock this plant and damage its foliage. This plant does well at standard household humidity levels but would certainly appreciate the added benefit of raised humidity, whether from a sink or pebble tray, or a humidifier.

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