Bonsai Ficus microcarpa | In Ceramic Pot

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Ficus microcarpa is a unique and interesting plant which is native to tropic and subtropic regions of Asia and Australia. The Chinese Banyan thrives in humid, wet areas like swamps, along the edges of rivers, and in tropical rainforests. This plants unique “trunks” (which some say look like sweet potatoes) are actually a series of long aerial roots that it will continue to put off throughout its life. The worlds largest Ficus microcarpa is on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, and at last count it possessed over a thousand aerial trunks. This plant is commonly treated like a bonsai specimen, with regular pruning. Ficus microcarpa is often mis-identified as its close relative, Ficus retusa (ginseng Ficus).

Average Size

(Including Ceramic Pot)

4" Ceramic Pot: 8" H x 6" W

6" Ceramic Pot: 12" H x 10" W

Care Guide


The Ficus microcarpa will thrive in medium to bright indirect light. Avoid lighting extremes, such as direct sun and dark corners. Direct sunlight can burn these plants, causing damage to the foliage. Lack of sunlight can cause this plant to drop leaves.

Water and Soil

Water Ficus microcarpa when the top 2” of soil are dry. Amending a standard well-draining potting soil with peat moss will help to keep your plants roots evenly moist, while the addition of perlite will ensure that proper drainage and root aeration are provided.

Temperature and Humidity

This plant prefers room temperatures between 60 degrees F and 85 degrees F. Cold, drafty areas should be avoided. The Ficus microcarpa prefers moderate to high humidity levels, and will enjoy a spot next in a bathroom or next to a sink or humidifier.

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