Houseplant Cutting Propagation Mystery Box | Up to 30 Unique Tropical Plants

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Want to grow your plant collection with cuttings? Simply select the number of cuttings you would like and our Propagation Mystery Box will come with up to 30 unique freshly taken cuttings consisting of one to three nodes ready to be propagated.

Plants that could be included in your box (but not limited to):

Hoya - Australis, Wayetii, Linearis, Curtsii, Macrophyla, Pachyclada, Retusa, Pubicalyx, Lucunosa, Kentiana, Carnosa (Jade, Krimson Princess, Tri-Color/Krimson Queen, Compacta, Compacta var.)
Pothos - Cebu Blue, Pearls & Jade, Neon, Jade, Marble Queen, Golden
Scindapsus - Pictus/Argyraeus, Exotica, Silvery Ann
Philodendron - Micans, Brasil, Green, Lemon-Lime
Monstera - Adansonii, Delisiocia
Rhaphidophora - Hayi, Tetrasperma
Tradescantia - Zebrina, Burgundy, Nanouk
Pilea - Peperomiodes, Norfolk, Depressa, Glauca,
Assorted Sansevieria Varieties
Peperomia - Watermelon, Frost, Piccolo Banda, Obtusifolia, Rana Verde, Schumi, Rosso, San Marino, Luna Grey, Luna Red, Emerald, Dark Emerald, Napoli Nights Ginny, Cubensis, Scandens
Syngonium - Neon, White Butterfly, Mango Allusion
Assorted Coleus
Assorted Angle Wing Begonias
Dischidia - Oiantha, Ruscifolia, Oiantha Variegated
Maranta - Tricolor, Green, Lemon-Lime
Assorted Ficus
Assorted ZZ Plant Varieties
Assorted Lipstick Plant Varieties
Assorted Succulent and Cacti

Our Happy & Healthy Guarantee 

Frond & Folia guarantees that the plant you receive will arrive in happy and healthy condition, and we take extreme care in packaging and shipping to ensure this. We are proud to report that over 99% of our orders to date have been delivered in happy and healthy condition. If you have concerns about shipping during cold weather, please reference our Winter Shipping Insurance