Kokedama Kit | Japanese Moss Ball DIY Kit

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Wondering what a Kokedama is? Kokedama literally translates to "Moss Ball" in Japanese. It is a tradition in Japanese gardening that wraps a plant's root ball in moss for it to be hung or mounted on a pedestal. Kokedamas look and work beautifully for many different types of plants. When it is time to water simply submerge the root/moss ball in water for several minutes, squeeze out any excess water and it is ready to be rehung or placed back on its pedestal. Our Kokedama Kit includes everything you need except the plant.

Product Details

  • Includes: 6″ Kokedama, Twine, Soil, & Mosses!
  • Long-Lasting Preserved Moss
  • Fun to make & Easy to maintain
  • Suspend from a string or place in a dish!