Orange Bird of Paradise | Strelitzia reginae | Large Floor Plant

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While the Bird of Paradise is well known for its remarkably gorgeous and unique flowers, this large leaved plant is also loved for its foliage. Native to South Africa, the Strelitzia is a close relative of the Banana tree, and it is sometimes mistaken for one when it is not in bloom. The Bird of Paradise blooms from early spring through mid-fall, and the plant takes its name from the shape of these flowers, which many say resemble a tropical bird.

Average Size 

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10" Nursery Pot: 28" H x 12" W

Care Guide


The Bird of Paradise will do best in a setting where it receives consistent medium to bright indirect light. It is suggested to avoid lighting extremes such as low light or harsh direct light.

Water and Soil

The Bird of Paradise will appreciate soil which is kept lightly moist during the growing months, and it can be allowed to dry out a bit more during the off season. Avoid overwatering by checking the soils moisture level before watering. If the soil feels dry at a depth of 2-3”, the plant will be happy to receive more water. Keep in mind that this plants water needs will be largely dependent on the amount of light and humidity it receives, among other factors.

Temperature and Humidity

The Bird of Paradise prefers indoor temps between 65 and 80 degrees F. The Bird of Paradise is a tropical plant which would love a home with moderate to high humidity. Strelitzia requires adequate humidity (and water and sunlight) to bloom indoors.  You can provide extra humidity with a humidifier, pebble tray, or through regular misting of the air. Placing the plant near a sink, or in a bathroom will also help boost humidity levels.

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