Parlor Palm | Neanthe 'Bella Palm' | Chamaedorea elegans | Large Floor Plant

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The ever popular Parlor Palm hails from Central America and some areas of southern Mexico. This plant owes its popularity largely to its low maintenance care, although it is also favored for the tropical feel it brings to any space. Parlor Palms enjoyed considerable popularity during the Victorian era, when advances in construction and insulation made keeping live tropical plants in the home possible.

Average Size

(Including Nursery Pot)

10" Nursery Pot: 30" H x 24" W

Care Guide


Parlor Palms will tolerate a range of lighting exposures. Lighting extremes such as dark corners or direct sun should be avoided. Medium to bright indirect or filtered light is preferred.

Water and Soil

Parlor Palms prefer their soil to be kept evenly moist, and should be given more water once the top inch or so of their soil becomes dry. Avoid allowing the soil to become bone dry, or soggy. Parlor Palms are not picky about soil, and a standard, well draining potting soil will work fine.

Temperature and Humidity

Parlor Palms will prefer temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees farenheit in the home. Temperatures below 50 degrees can be damaging to this plants foliage, so areas with a heavy draft should be avoided. This palm would appreciate moderate to high humidity, but does not require it.

What Else?

Propagation through division is not recommended for Parlor Palms. Re-potting should be done gently and should not be undertaken if not absolutely necessary.

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