Mounted Staghorn Fern


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Platycerium Bifurcatum, commonly known as the staghorn fern, are a group of plants native to the tropical climates of Asia, Africa, and Australia. These plants are ephiphytes, meaning they are found in the wild growing on trees. In their natural habitat, these beautiful plants laminate their basal fronds (also called shield frond plates or sterile fronds) against the bark of trees. This provides support to the plant, and helps protect its shallow root base from damage. The plants leaves, or foliar fronds (also called fertile fronds) will dramatically shoot out from the basal frond in the center of the plant. Over time, the basal/shield frond plate will turn brown and begin to dry out. This is normal, as a new basal/shield frond plate will begin to form over the older plate. Watching this cycle is one of the most amazing parts of owning a Staghorn Fern. These amazing tropical plants can grow to be hundreds of pounds in nature. When grown indoors, these plants are commonly mounted to plaques and displayed as a wall hanging.

Average Size

Each wooden plaque is unique and averages 8" high by 8" wide.

Care Guide


Staghorn Ferns need bright indirect light to thrive, and these plants will likely be happiest in the sunniest location in your home. Direct sunlight can burn these plants, so make sure you place them under a tree, or in a shaded area if brought outdoors.

Water and Soil

Allow the plants root ball to become slightly dry between watering, as staghorn ferns do not tolerate over-watering. Staghorn ferns also absorb water through their fronds, so they appreciate a misting between watering, and they love humid spaces like the bathroom or kitchen. These ferns will tolerate a bit of light drought, even to the point of wilting, but will not put up with lack of water long term. Make sure to pay close attention to your fern if it is placed close to an air duct, heating vent, or fireplace, as hot or cooled air will encourage quicker drying.

Platycerium Bifurcatum have shallow root systems that need well-draining soil. They are typically mounted to a rigid surface (such as a wooden board) where their root ball is surrounded by sphagnum moss, and held in place with fishing line. You can also wrap the root ball in sheet moss or burlap when mounting. If planting in a wire hanging basket, use a coconut coir or sphagnum moss liner and fill the basket with a mix of half well-draining potting soil (like cactus potting mix) and half orchid bark. 

Temperature and Humidity

Staghorn ferns typically prefer temperatures ranging from 60 to 80 degrees farenheit when grown indoors. These plants love high humidity, and would appreciate some added humidity when grown indoors, whether through a humidifier or simply through misting.

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