String of Turtles | Peperomia prostrata

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This adorable and unique plant is a must have for any plant collector! The Peperomia prostrata or “String of Turtles” features round button shaped succulent leaves that have a beautiful turtle-like print and range from dark green to deep purple. This vining plant is easy to care for and will quickly fill a small pot with a lush mat of foliage and start trailing over the sides.

Average Size 

(Including Nursery Pot)

2" Nursery Pot: 2" H x 4" W

Care Guide


This plant thrives in medium to low indirect or filter light.

Water and Soil

This peperomia is semi-succulent and can tolerate some periods of drought. Allow the top layer of soil to dry between through watering. Well-draining potting soil that is amended with a bit of perlite and peat moss is perfect for this plant.

Temperature and Humidity

This plant prefers room temperatures between 65 degrees F and 85 degrees F. Don't let temperatures fall below 55 degrees F. This plant does well at standard household humidity levels but it also benefits from higher humidity.

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