Rhaphidophora 'Hayi' | Shingling Plant

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Rhaphidophora hayi is a unique and unusual plant with a shingling growth habit. Shingling plants grip and flatten themselves on to surfaces like trees and rocks in nature, and you can usually find them growing against boards when grown as houseplants. The hayi’s leaves start off around a tiny half inch tall, but can grow up to 6” in maturity, provided the plant is given plenty of humidity and something rigid to attach its shingling growth to. This plant is native to Queensland and New Guinea, and is a relative to the Monstera and Philodendron.

Average Size

(Including Nursery Pot)

Unrooted Cutting: 2-3 Nodes per Fresh Cutting (Wrapped in moist sphagnum moss for shipping)

4" Nursery Pot: These plants typically have 1 to 2 vines and averages 3" to 6" in height from the soil

Care Guide


This plant thrives in medium to bright, indirect light.

Water and Soil

Hayi is often rooted in soil and attached to a wooden board which it grows up like a trellis. Alernatively, some growers forego the pot and grow their plant directly on the board itself, layering moss atop the board and strapping the plant and growing medium to the board. If growing your hayi in soil, use a well draining mix, and allow the top inch or so to dry between waterings. If growing the hayi using a moss based medium, water/soak thoroughly, and allow the moss to just barely dry out between waterings.

Temperature and Humidity

Hayi enjoy average room temperatures of 65 and above in the home. Hayi require high humidity levels to encourage their shingling growth habit. You can provide more moisture by using a moss board, pebble tray, humidifier, or keeping your plant near a sink.

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