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Scindapsus is a genus of plant which is often confused with pothos or philodendron. Despite often being called ‘silk pothos’ or ‘silver philodendron’, and sharing a similar trailing habit, these plants are neither pothos or philodendron, but are their very own genus. However, these plants care is actually very similar to that of a pothos or philodendron. The name ‘scindapsus’ is derived from the Greek ‘skindapsos’ which means an ivy like plant, while ‘pictus’ means painted. While there are many varieties of Scindapsus the majority of these beautiful plants feature metallic silver flecking on their vining foliage. Scindapsus are easy to care for plants that make wonderful hanging baskets or totem specimen. These plants originate from the tropical climates of southeast Asia, Australia, and New Guinea. In the wild, these plants are eager climbers, and they may also exhibit a shingling behavior.

We often get questions regarding the difference between these three varieties of Scindapsus Pictus. Argyraeus and Silver Anne are indeed very similar plants, and can be difficult to tell apart when immature. Argyraeus has a bit darker green leaves, and it features a distinct silver border or edging, which is never broken. Silver Anne's leaves are the same size and shape as Argyraeus, but are lighter in color, and have more intense variegation. As Silver Anne matures, its silver border will begin to spread throughout the entire leaf (starting from the tip), eventually producing leaves which are more silver than green. Exotica is a larger leaved variety, which also possesses beautiful widespread silver variegation.

Average Size 

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4.5" Hanging Basket: 10" H x 8" W


Scindapsus is generally not picky when it comes to lighting exposures, but it prefers medium to bright filtered or indirect light. 

Water and Soil

Scindapsus water needs are generally lower than most other indoor houseplants. During the growing season, Scindapsus prefer to dry out about 50% between watering. A standard well-draining potting mix amended with perlite or bark for added aeration will be a good growing medium for this plant.  

Temperature and Humidity

Scindapsus prefers room temperatures ranging from 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures below 55 degrees may be damaging to this plant’s foliage. Scindapsus can tolerate lower humidity levels, but will benefit from and appreciate added humidity.  

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