Mounted Staghorn Fern Kit


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Making a Staghorn fern mount is creative & fun to do with our mounting kit! Staghorn ferns are easy to care for and have a unique modern look that can be used in many spaces. While many species of fern could be mounted with this kit, Staghorn ferns are epiphytes, meaning they grow on trees in nature. Staghorn ferns will gladly grow on a wall mount which lets air circulate around their root system. Staghorn ferns resemble the antlers of a deer or moose, giving them their common name.


  • Includes: Natural wood planter, wall hanger, Sphagnum Moss for planting, Spanish Moss, Reindeer Moss & Sheet Moss to decorate (all you need to do is add the fern of your choosing)
  • Long lasting preserved moss 
  • Fun to make & easy to maintain
  • Hang from your wall, fence or sit on a countertop