Strawberry Begonia | Saxifraga stolonifera

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A ‘Strawberry Begonia’ is actually not a Begonia at all, confusingly enough. This plant belongs to the genus Saxifraga, which is derived from Latin words meaning “stone breaker”. This plant is popular for its pink-tinted, soft, fuzzy foliage. The Strawberry Begonia is easy to propagate thanks to the thin stolon it produces, which resemble strawberry runners. 

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2" Nursery Pot: 3" H x 3" W

Care Guide


Your Strawberry Begonia will thrive in a medium to direct light exposure. Lighting extremes such as dark corners or harsh, direct light should be avoided.

Water and Soil

Strawberry Begonia is a thin stemmed plant which does not like to dry out completely between waterings. Allow only the top layer (1-2”) of soil to dry out between waterings. Take care not to overwater, as soggy or wet soil can quickly affect the roots of the Strawberry Begonia. When watering, aim directly for the soil (not wetting the leaves), as this plants fuzzy leaves are prone to fungus or rot. These plants like light and quickly draining sharp soil. A standard potting mix which has been amended with perlite for drainage and peat moss for absorption will work well.

Temperature and Humidity

The Strawberry Begonia will thrive in indoor temperatures between 60 and 75 degrees F. This plant does best with moderate humidity. Using a pebble tray or humidifier is recommended, as opposed to misting, as this plant does not like its foliage to become wet.

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