String of Tears | Senecio herreianus

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Native to South Africa, this plant is a trailing flowering vine in the Senecio genus. String of Tears produces long thin stems that trail along the ground, rooting at the nodes as they go. In its native habitat it will form a dense lush mat.

Average Size 

(Including Nursery Pot)

4" Nursery Pot: 4" H x 5" W

Care Guide


String of Tears needs bright indirect or filtered light to thrive. Avoid harsh direct sun as this can damage or burn this plant. 

Water and Soil

This plant is extremely low maintenance when it comes to watering. While you do not want to let your String of Pearls to get bone dry, it does like to dry out between watering. Typically a couple of thorough waterings each month is plenty. Well-draining potting soil that is amended with a bit of perlite and peat moss is perfect for this plant.

Temperature and Humidity

This plant refers room temperatures between 65 degrees F and 85 degrees F. Don't let temperatures fall below 55 degrees F. This plant does well at standard household humidity levels but it also benefits from higher humidity.

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