Variegated Schefflera arboricola Bush | Large Floor Plant

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Schefflera, or Umbrella Tree is a plant in the Araliaceae (or Ginseng) family, native to Taiwan and Hainan. These plants have enjoyed huge popularity in the houseplant world for years, and at one time were considered the most common plant found inside the home. Available in many varieties, including the popular “dwarf” which gets about 3-4' tall indoors, there are over 600 known species in the Schefflera plant genus.

Average Size

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10" Nursery Pot: 32" H x 24" W

Care Guide


The Umbrella Plant thrives in consistent medium to bright, indirect or filtered light. An east-facing window typically works best as the afternoon sun from a south or west facing window can be too strong. This plant can be brought outdoors when temperatures are between 60 degrees F and 80 degrees F, however, it must be keep out of direct sun and the soil kept moist when warm out. Temperatures above 80 degrees F should be avoided. Turn your plant every so often in order to encourage even growth.

Water and Soil

Though it depends greatly on the location and conditions in which your Umbrella Plant is being kept, these plants generally like to be watered thoroughly once a week. Allowing the top two inches of soil to dry out between watering’s is typically best.

Umbrella Plants need a well-draining soil, one that is amended with either bark or perlite works well. This plant appreciates a pot that provides ample room for its roots. Because they are vigorous growers and commonly reach 8 to 10 feet in height, they benefit greatly from re-potting every 2-3 years, or until they have reached the desired size for your space. Once they are in their forever-pot simply top-dress these plants annually with fresh soil.

Temperature and Humidity

This plant prefers a warm, room-temperature setting between 60 and 80 degrees F. The normal humidity of an average home works just fine. However, in the winter months provide extra humidity by misting the plant periodically or placing a humidifier in the room. Do not let your Umbrella Plant drop below 55 degrees F as it will not do well. While they can survive brief periods of below-freezing temperatures, the must be dormant so make sure your fig is tucked in during winter months.

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