Handmade Propagation Station With Cuttings


Each of our Propagation Stations is handcrafted by Filament Co. in Campobello, South Carolina. These unique and one-of-a-kind pieces are made of solid wood to last a lifetime and are currently available in two varieties, Cherry and Walnut.

The Cherry option features a cascading live bark edge with scarlet red tones and a warm blond to caramel grain. The Walnut option features a smooth finished edge with cool gray to deep purple undertones and the occasional cream highlight. All Propagation Stations are finished with a natural plant-based wax finish that leaves them velvety smooth and water repellant.

Each station includes two 4 5/8" glass tubes with cork stoppers. The Cherry with live edge option averages 4 1/2" H x 5 3/4" W x 1 1/2" D while the Walnut option averages 4 3/8" H x 6" W x 2" D. Each propagation station comes with 3 random plant cuttings.