Begonia Care Guide

The Rex begonia (Begonia Rex) is the most popular variety, with its heart shaped leaves lined with tiny hairs. Most are shade tolerant, although some will burn in direct bright sunlight. Their fuzzy leaves can be a show stopper in the home or office or as a unique addition to any garden setting. Like other members of the Begonia family, Rex begonias grow small tubers underground that add stabilizing strength when they take root in the soil.


Rex Begonias thrive in medium to bright, filtered or indirect light. A few feet away from a South or West facing window which receives consistent indirect light is best. Direct, harsh light should be avoided with these plants, as their delicate foliage can be quick to burn.

Water and Soil

Rex Begonia can be picky about their soil moisture level, and these plants demand a light and quickly draining sharp soil. The key with these plants is to water thoroughly but not often. When watering, aim directly for the soil (not wetting the leaves), and ensure that water runs through the holes in the bottom of the pot. As Rex Begonia is very sensitive to the build-up of salts within the soil, make sure to discard excess water immediately. For this reason, we recommend using distilled water when watering your Rex Begonia.This plant has a very fine and delicate root system, making it very susceptible to root rot and overwatering. You should allow the soil to get light in weight and color, almost completely dry, before watering each time. Amending a standard potting mix with peat moss and perlite will work well for Begonia Rex. Peat moss also gets lighter in color when dry, helping you to gauge when this plant is ready for its next drink.

Temperature and Humidity

Rex Begonias thrive in temperatures around 70 degrees F. Cold drafts and temperatures below 60 degrees F may damage this plants foliage and should be avoided. Begonia Rex require a humid environment. Moderate to high humidity will prevent crispy leaf edges. Near a humidifier, sink, or in a bathrom is the best place for these plants. Misting Begonia Rex should be avoided, as these plants are susceptible to bacterial diseases which can occur when their foliage becomes wet.