Bonsai Care Guide

The Japanese art of growing miniature trees, known as bonsai, has existed for hundreds of years. These miniature trees are created through the careful cultivation of young seedlings and through the continuous trimming and pruning of their roots and branches. By attaching a piece of wood or stone to a bonsai tree, you can create a beautiful display which will bring several years of enjoyment.


Bonsai will do best in a bright indirect lighting exposure. Lower light exposures should be avoided, as this plant needs nearly full sun to prosper.

Water and Soil

Water the Bonsai when the top 2” of soil are dry. Amending a standard well-draining potting soil with peat moss will help to keep your plants roots evenly moist, while the addition of perlite will ensure that proper drainage and root aeration are provided.

Temperature and Humidity

This plant prefers room temperatures between 60 degrees F and 85 degrees F. Cold, drafty areas should be avoided. The Bonsai prefers moderate to high humidity levels, and will enjoy a spot next in a bathroom or next to a sink or humidifier.