Dieffenbachia Care Guide

Dieffenbachia, a common houseplant that is part of the Araceae family, has broad leaves with splashes of unique and exciting variegation. It also is commonly referred to as “dumbcane” and owes this name to the oxalate crystals found in its stems.


Dieffenbachia prefers medium to bright filtered or indirect light. Some varieties will tolerate lower light conditions, but this may come at the cost of a slowed growth rate. Keep in mind that Dieffenbachia varieties with brighter coloring will require more sunlight to support their variegation. Avoid direct sun, as it can bleach the Dumbcane plants colorful foliage.

Water and Soil

Dieffenbachia, or dumbcane, likes to dry out slightly between waterings. Once the top 50% of the soil is dry, this plant is ready to receive more water. Soil saturation can be monitored with your finger, a chopstick, or a moisture meter. Dieffenbachia will also signal when it needs more water by slightly drooping its leaves. A standard potting mix amended with peat moss for absorbency and perlite or bark for drainage will work well for this plant.

Temperature and Humidity

Deiffenbachia prefers room temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees F. Temperatures below 60 degrees may be damaging to this plants foliage, and should be avoided. While Dieffenbachia typically does well at standard household humidity levels, higher humidity is preferred.