Herb Garden Candle and Basil Glow and Grow Kit

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A 12oz, soy-blend basil cocktail scented candle is outfitted in a footed, reactive glaze ceramic vessel and includes components to grow Basil once the candle has been burned down. The candle features a refreshing combination of fresh basil, ginger, and lemon zest notes grounded by warm clove. Grow kit components are tucked inside the base of the box and include non-GMO seeds, coconut husk growing medium, carbon, plant food and instructions. Assembled in the USA of domestic and imported components.


  • 12 oz Basil Cocktail Scented Soy-Blend Candle
  • Reactive Glaze Ceramic Vessel
  • Organic Basil Seeds
  • Coconut Husk Growing Medium
  • Activated Carbon
  • Plant Food
  • Instruction Manual

Product Details

  • Box Kit: 6" W x 8.5" H x 6" D
  • Candle: 4" D x 4.2" H
  • 78 hr burn time