HeirBloom All Purpose Potting Soil

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Professional growers are heralding coconut soil as the #1 choice in potting and gardening for its numerous inherent qualities. HeirBloom soils are a superior eco-friendly alternative to peat moss. It absorbs 33% more water to prevent root rot and take any guesswork out of watering. By being pH neutral and improving aeration, HeirBloom soil is ideal for all almost all plant types and can easily be amended with other growing mediums if needed. Easy to load and carry in the car, and can be conveniently stored inside the house or garage. They keep for years and hydrate in minutes. Lastly, coco soil isn't dirty whatsoever, so go ahead and garden in your white linen!

Product Details

  • 100% Triple washed coconut coir
  • Compressed: 3 Liters/3 lbs. 
  • Expanded with Water: 17 Dry Quarts/16.5 Liters
  • Grows bigger plants with more blooms and fruits!
  • Won’t harden and reject water like peat soils
  • Long-lasting; Easy to store; Free from Soil-borne diseases
  • Encourages strong, vigorous root growth
  • RHP/Low EC/pH 5.7 – 6.14