Smart Hydroplanter | Hydroponic Countertop Planter

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The cutting edge of countertop cultivation, Modern Sprout’s Bamboo Hydroplanter features a top-feed hydroponic system that delivers water and nutrients directly to the roots of 3-5 plants. Connects seamlessly to the Modern Sprout app that enables users to program a custom watering schedule based on their plants’ preferences.

Package Includes

  • Bamboo Box Planter
  • Nesting Liner
  • Pump with Water Level Sensor
  • Smart Outlet Plug
  • Four Irrigation Tubes
  • Splitter
  • Hydroponic Growing Medium
  • Instruction Manual

Product Details

  • Size: 17.9” W x 7.6” H x 5.9” D
  • Smart App Enabled
  • Assembled in the USA